Baba Vishwnath Puri, founder of the ashram

Grand guru Baba Vishwnathpuri Ji was running his own ashram since 1970. For over 40 years he  was acting for the good of the population in the village of Shamgarh, district of Karnal, which is situated about 140 km north of New Delhi.

His spiritual power and his social work were very much appreciated. He was an excellent healer and teacher. During his lifetime, he was emphasizing the importance of school eduction for children and supported them in their studies.

In his ashram, he built a temple dedicated to Shiva which is – with a height of 110 feet (more than 33 meters) – till nowadays one of the tall temples in the district of Karnal.

Before the end of his physical life, Baba Vishwnathpuri appointed Mahant Mukesh Puri to be his sucesssor. 

When Baba Vishwnathpuri had left his physical body in 2013, the construction of a temple in his memory was initiated so that the next generation may remember him and be inspired by his life. Thanks to generous sponsors, this temple could be completed and consecrated in 2015.

Nowadays, Mahant Mukesh Puri is running the ashram and continuing the spiritual and social work in Shamgar.