Sri Mahant Prem Puri, Mukesh Puri’s guruji

Sri Mahant Prem Puri Ji dedicated his live to spiritial and social work. He has spent his early life in Haridwar where he was engaged in the organization of the Shree Panch Dashnaam Juna Akhara and travelling all over India for its needs.

Since childhood, Mukesh Puri was his close disciple. When in 2013, Mukesh Puri accepted the responsability to become the head of the ashram in Shamgar, Sri Mahant Prem Puri was a great support to him in his work. He had a solution oriented way of solving any problems in life. He followed the path of unselfish action and as a karma yogi, the right work done well was his form of prayer. Sri Mahant Prem Puri had a pure heart, a very kind being and was highly appreciated for his humanity and wisdom.

He left his physical body in 2016 and his memory is heartly cherished by everybody who had met him in his life.